What is a Venusian?


First of all, remember this face!

This is Saturnia, the Princess of Venus!

We gotta bring her down, man!


And these are her two bodyguards!


Venusians are ruthless female cutthroat assassins trained to be that way

from birth! Here they are shown illegally entering an earthling's

home to deprive him of liberty and justice!


The weapons they use are high tech and super-secret!

Here, a Venusian is seen arming her weapon for stun-effect!

They hone their killing abilities in an arena called

The Maze of Men, where thousands of Martians have died!


Don't be fooled by their pretty faces!

These gals are mean and don't play by any rules of decency known

to civilized people! Their cruelty knows no bounds!


We've fought their kind for many centuries, but, now Mars needs

your help more than ever! The Venusians have developed new mind-control

technology that we believe is only in its infancy! A technology that

could mean eternal enslavement for the men of both Mars and Earth!

We must get a hold of the prototype mind-zapper so we can study

its sub-subliminal harmonics signal and create a signal that can

counter-act the original, thereby freeing men from its mind-spell.


All men everywhere are counting on you to save the day!


Remember, anyone can be a Venusian Spy and not even know

they are under Venusian Mind-Control!


You'll also face great risks! No one is safe while

the Evil Venusians are ruling the galaxy!




Images on this page:


Photo No.1: Kassie Bracken as Princess Saturnia confronts Style during the movie's climax.


Photo No.2: Kerry Ann Ross as Urania (front) and Plutonia (rear) enter Fender's apartment in order to give him further instructions now that he's under their mind-control.


Photo No.3: Urania prepares to stun the Kosherellis just for the hell of it.


Photo No.4: Saturnia takes control of the situation by zapping Fender, whom she feels has said enough.


Photo No.5: Plutonia zaps the Kosherellis.


Photo No. 6: The Kosherellis get zapped. Ian Tomaschik as Joey (left) and John C. Cunningham as Bruno (right).


Photo No.7: Bruno wants Fender dead but Joey reminds him of his temper and doctor's orders not to get too excited.


Photo No.8: Joey Kosherelli about to pull the trigger and end Fender's life.