Don't let this child-like face fool you! This man might be

a Venusian Spy, brainwashed to obey their every whim,

and dedicated to bringing only harm to the Martian race!


Earthmen are mostly ignorant of our existence and that's the way

we like things to be! Should the earthmen find out that there are

invisible colonies on Mars our cover will be blown and

we would not only be facing danger from

the Venusian Quarter, we believe Earth itself

would also be a danger to us!


We don't want to wake up in our beds screaming, do we?


Simply talking about the situation won't help, we must act and we must act

soon, for there are forces at work against us and time is running out!


If perfect paranoia is perfect awareness, be afraid, very afraid!


We won't take no for an answer,

join the ranks of Martain Spies today!

Free acting classes!


You'll be glad you did!


And your fish will be proud of you too!


Of course there's a fish there, you just can't see it,

'cause his hand is probably blocking it! Okay, just take our word

for it, there's a fish there, okay? Honestly!

Don't you trust us?

Okay, here's the picture of the fish ...


Some people just cannot be pleased.




Images on this page:


Photo No.1: Joe Rosario as the Innocent Man, a child-like character who confronts Fender during the movie's opening sequences.


Photo No.2: Hadley Martin Fisher as the third Kosherelli Brother.


Photo No.3: Kitti Dashiell as the Girlfriend who dies in the psychotic Kosherelli hotdog commercial.


Photo No.4: Alan Cove as Captain Mainway III, discusses the Martian threat with Fender after the captain is freed from Venusian mind-control.


Photo No.5: Florina Petcu as the Scriptgirl hired by the Kosherellis to oversee the auditions for their latest hotdog commercial.


Photo No.6: Tracey Friedman as one of the actors who auditions for the new Kosherelli commercial.


Photo No.7: Jonathan Espolin holds a thumb up after killing his girlfriend in the television commercial containing the Venusian sub-subliminal harmonics signal. "Kosherelli hotdogs, the hotdogs men kill for!"


Photo No.8: Fender and Patrick McGrath (as the Veterinarian) tending to Fender's goldfish, Stalin.


Photo No.9: Stalin the Goldfish, about to make his final exit.