Spies, Spies, Spies!

Are They Cool Or What?













We put an end to conspiracies!

And look cool doing it!

We're the M.C.I.A.




Images on this page:


Photo No.1: The Body Transferrer (sometimes referred to as the Body Transposer). It's the method by which the gay Martians travel back and forth between Earth and Mars. The original script described it as a telephone booth-like apparatus, but, then, we found those cool light-boxes, and Ross added the special lightning-bolt-like effects later on.


Photo No.2: Braeson Herold (as Duncan the Observer) learns Style has been withholding information.


Photo No.3: Duncan and Vulcano (Clyde Baldo) are looking at a device that's scanning North America for the Sub-Subliminal Harmonics Signal used by the Venusians.


Photo No.4: Another angle of Duncan and Vulcano with Style the Expert Manipulator standing bored in the background. This time they seem to have found something.


Photo No.5: Duncan leans in closer to get a better look.


Photo No.6: Vulcano delays the Spies' departure to Mars in hopes that there's still some hope for the Earth.


Photo No.7: Vulcano with his back to Style reveals a secret.


Photo No.8: Style suddenly surprised spins around to confront an old hated enemy.


Photo No.9: Style holds out a mind-zapper and vows to use Venusian technology against them.


Photo No.10: An active Body-Transferrer shoots (beams) someone to Mars.