Deleted Material


Some information about the situation on Earth might be

out of date, or completely incorrect. But, here on Mars

we know exactly what's going on.


And we strive every day to make Mars a safe place to live

for all of our test-tube citizens. You can rest assured that we're

doing our best to preserve our way of life.


Even if it means making tough decisions ...



... like what stays in the film and what ends up on the cutting room floor.




Images on this page:


Photo No.1: Bobby Lee Humphrey (as Mars Congressman Poole) wants to nuke the Earth and put an end to the Venusian threat for the time being.


Photo No.2: Joe Ross returns as Mars Congressman Pental, listening in on the conversation between Poole and Dale. He's all for nuking the Earth to save Mars.


Photo No.3: Close-up of Dale (Vincent Bagnall) as he considers whether or not to nuke the Earth. All they need is his signature on the Declaration of War to go ahead with their plans.