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The Adventures of Officer Fender

(Video Short)


Fender ... Ross Byron

The Robber ... Joe Ross

Stanton ... Richard Makarick

Krishna ... Nathaniel Torres

Ramirez ... Juan Ramirez

Dancing Woman ... Barrie Switzen

Crawling Man ... Raul Toule



Fender Saves The World

(Digital Feature Video)



Directed by Ross Byron


1st Assistant Director

Barrie Switzen


2nd Assistant Director

Nathaniel Torres


Co-Produced by

Barrie Switzen


Edited by

Ross Byron





Fender ... Anthony Ames

Saturnia ... Kassie Bracken

Plutonia ... Tara Lee Hergenhan

Urania ... Kerry Ann Ross

Vulcano ... Clyde Baldo

Style ... David Lavine

Duncan ... Braeson Herold

Bruno ... John C. Cunningham

Joey ... Ian Tomaschik

Vinny ... Hadley Martin Fisher

Captain Mainway III... Alan Cove

The Innocent Man ... Joe Rosario

The Vet ... Patrick McGrath

The Script Girl ... Florina Petcu

Boyfriend in Commercial ... Jonathan Espolin

Girlfriend in Commercial ... Kitti Dashiell

Auditioning Actor ... Tracey Friedman

Mars Congressman Dale ... Vincent Bagnall

Mars Congressman Poole ... Bobby Lee Humphrey

Mars Congressman Pental ... Joe Ross

Stalin the Goldfish ... as himself (now M.I.A.)



Special Visual Effects by Ross Byron


Directors of Videography

Ross Byron and Nathaniel Torres


Fender Saves The World was edited using

Final Cut Pro, AfterEffects, and StudioVision DSP


This Video was shot in and around New York City,

Queens, and Brooklyn


Script Supervisor

Barrie Switzen


Assistant Editor and 2nd Unit Producer

Nathaniel Torres


Still Photographers

Javier Ortega

Nathaniel Torres

Barrie Switzen


2nd Unit Camera Technician

Denton Harewood



Chazz Irizarry


Make Up

Michelle Vargas



Psycho Circus Courtesy of Pete Lisa

Women and Guns Ross Byron


Special Thanks To

Lincoln Hubley


Music Score

Steven Sledge

The Planets by Gustav Holst

Theme from the Mars Suite


Special Thanks

Georgia Boughton

Michele Mongeleluzo

Denton Harewood

Linda Posner

Ralph Dashiell

Chelsea Veterinary Clinic

Balloons To Go

Irene Sankoff

Juan Ramirez

Howard Pitterson

Jamie Delpino





Vinny Mongeleluzo of Vinny's Music Service.

Without his generosity this video would not have been possible.


This video was made possible in part by a Grant from

Manhattan Neighborhood Network,

New York City


Boot's by Boot's


Trailer Narration By

Angela Eckard


This Digital Movie is a work of fiction.

Any resemblance to any person or persons, living or dead,

organizations, institutions, names, characters, and places

are entirely coincidental.


Duplication, distribution and any unauthorized presentations,

displays, and performances are prohibited.

All Rights Are Reserved by the authors of the video.


Story and Screenplay Copyright (c) 2000

by Ross Byron and Nathaniel Torres


Digital Video Copyright and Additional Material

Copyright(c)2001 by Ross Byron and Nathaniel Torres






Moonbase Nine:

The Adventures of Officer Fender

(The Shadowrama Version)


Fender ... Ross Byron

Fanghorn ... Nathaniel Torres

Phil the Host ... Wade Lance











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