Hisashi Tenaka

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Nickname "Sash"
Instrument Bass, Guitar, Background Vocals
Birthday Nov. 6th - Watch out... this Scorpio is  venomous!
Hometown Sapporo, Japan
Musical Influences Everything I saw & heard in my life
Why I got into Rock-n-Roll Well... do we need a reason?! I've left 'em behind!
Currently in my CD Player: CD player is busted... but I have a turntable! Records?!
Favorite Song to Play Live Truth... 'cause truth hurts!
When not playing Rock-n-Roll I'm... Cleaning out litter boxes! Having 9 cats can cause minor inconveniences ...sometimes!
Behind my Bar Searching for a bottle of Jameson or Old Bushmill... only on this occasion does the true Irish in me comes out to claim my soul!
Guilty Pleasures Many things... ya know what I mean ?!  (with a grin...!)
Words to Live By We only live once (as far as we know), enjoy it while you're in it.

Bands chemistries also live only once but even shorter. Cherish them while you have it.