It all began with a simple robbery.


It wasn't easy for Fender to catch the culprit

and bring him to justice.


Several people died and great was the loss to society.


They were good men, good cops, but all fell prey to The Robber's Ways.


Yes, Fender got him in the end, but at what cost?

He was never the same man again.

And what made it worse?


They even made fun of his pain!

The bastards!




Images on this page:


Photo No.1: Ross Byron as Officer Fender and Richard Makarick as Officer Stanton in the original short video "The Adventures of Officer Fender."


Photo No.2: Joe Ross as The Robber who torments Fender by killing all of his partners. Note: Joe was the only actor to play parts in both projects. However, his role in Fender Saves The World was cut from the final version.


Photo No.3: Fender and Officer Krishnen (Nathaniel Torres), partner number two to die by the hand of The Robber.


Photo No.4: Juan Ramirez as Officer Ramirez, the third and final partner to die.


Photo No.5: "The Adventures of Officer Fender" eventually became a shadowrama experiment under the title "Moonbase Nine." Wade Lance played Phil the Host and N. Torres provided the voice for Fanghorn the talking plant. Ross Byron returned to play Fender one last time in a short cameo. The short experiment was completed long after Fender Saves The World was done. "Moonbase Nine: Episode 1: The Adventures of Officer Fender" became the first known fanvid to be produced via a public access station.